New Year, New Goals


“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney

How about that break y’all? It has been over a month, but once school got out for Christmas break I disconnected in a big way! After going to school pretty much straight through over the past year, juggling two jobs last fall, traveling all over and working my tail off with school, I needed a break in the worst way and I got just that.

Over the break, I got to indulge my OCD and clean and organize my entire apartment, spend some relaxing time with my parents and Little Sister, took an amazing trip to Texas to start the New Year, and started the year with a radical change to my hair. We got grades back earlier than last year, and I even made the Honor Roll (brag, I know, but if you have been through law school you know how cool this is).

While this is a little late, I love New Year’s Resolutions. I always try to make about 10 resolutions/goals and pick a word to center my year around. Last year, I accomplished most of my resolutions and successfully accomplished my word of “cleanse.”

This year, I already know my word is going to be “change.” Not a radically original term, but it is exactly what I want and need. Without further adieu, here are my 10 resolutions/goals for the year.

1. Stop making excuses for slacking off.
2. Listen more, talk less.
3. Get into a routine with my fitness.
4. Say yes more.
5. Be kinder to others and myself.
6. Learn to accept as much love as I give.
7. Go to church consistently and really try to apply the message to my life every week.
8. Have fun, laugh and stop worrying.
9. Have more adventures. Take pictures of said adventures, and try to hit some bucket list things.
10. Don’t rush any of it. It is all going to happen in good time.

What are some of the resolutions you made? Are you sticking to them so far?

If Santa Wasn’t On a Budget


Since we are officially less than three weeks from Christmas, and I have yet to do my Christmas shopping, I figured I would dream about the 19. Things I am Lusting After. I would much rather have money to travel and actually experience life, but if we are going to talk about things, this girl has been known to shop a time or two.

1. The Nike Shield Flash Running Jacket, $350. Maybe it is over-priced, I am sure there is one out there that does the same thing and is not as expensive, but look how practical and pretty it is! I would not have to worry about running at night/early morning any more!

2. leroy street davies- kate spade, $398. A woman can never have too many bags. And when they are as versatile as this one, it is worth it to have a good one.

3. KitchenAid Professional 600 Series 6 Quart Bowl, Lift Stand Mixer, $450. I have no more room in my little apartment kitchen, nor do I need any more distractions when I am at home. But look how pretty it is, and the food I could make using it!

4. Urban Decay Naked Palettes, $52. I love that all your colors are in one palette and there are so many different ways to mix and match them. Love Naked 2 and 3!

5. Hot yoga towel, $38. I love sweating it out in a hot studio, but I need a real yoga towel and not the old cotton thing I have been using. This one is even anti-microbial, which I am sure could change with washing, but it sounds good!

Weekend Shenanigans….Or Not


Happy Monday!!

I know, I know you are all probably cussing Monday but in about three hours I start my last final I have to sit for this semester ,and am so excited to be done. And by done, I mean I still have a take home final and a paper to write, but I digress. One of my friends from college does this link-up every Monday, and I am the world’s worst about taking pictures so I remedied that this weekend.

Weekend Clockwise:
I did a TON of studying for my Saturday morning(!) final.
My Sunday was filled with lots of studying, but what is a better pick me up
than pumpkin spice coffee with sugar free vanilla syrup and a tablespoon of homemade whipped cream?!
My view as I ran out to door to an almost two hour long yoga class Sunday morning.
Pete thinks he is sneaky. He started on the floor next to me, then slowly crawled his way,
starting with his nose, onto the foot rest part of my recliner. Is he really sneaky? No.
Did I let him curl up to me because it is cuter than reading about dead people’s stuff? Yep!

Starting Wednesday evening I am putting all the school books away for almost 5 full weeks, and plan on having a great time with my friends to celebrate another semester survived! Hopefully there will be some real shenanigans to talk about next week!

Sami's Shenanigans

High Five for Friday


While I have a final tomorrow, so it technically is not going to be an “ideal” weekend, I am so glad today is my last day to study for Con Rights until the Bar!! My friend, Jess, does this link-up usually and figured today would be a great time to join her.

1. It snowed yesterday. It snowed all day here, and we got almost 6 inches! Because of the mountains that does not usually happen, and it was absolutely beautiful. While a lot of people don’t like it, I loved studying at home with a Christmas candle burning and Christmas music playing.

2. I DON’T HAVE TO HAVE KNEE SURGERY!! I busted my meniscus three and a half years ago, and my Dr. at the time and I agreed to do PT before surgery. And my knee got better. And then in May this year, it started acting up again. I did what any person should do, and ignored it…for like 6 months. Finally went to the orthopedist two weeks ago and he was sure my meniscus was wasted. Went in for an MRI Wednesday, and saw him again this morning. Guess who’s meniscus did heal?! The reason my knee hurts is because I apparently cracked my knee cap. I have no idea how that happened, but it is almost healed so no issues there. Have an appointment with PT in a week or so to learn how to tape and compensate for a weak ligament, but other than that, I am good to go. Yay, yay, yay!!

3. I am only a week from halfway done with law school. I am so excited for all of my Christmas break adventures and downtime!! If I get it together an finish my research outline, I could be done next Wednesday!

4. I have worked out every day this week. Boom! I fit-bragged. Deal with it.

Happy door decor!

Happy door decor!

5. My Christmas wreath and doorbells make me happy every time I see them.